Instagram Update: New Feature “Save Drafts” for Stories

Instagram has announced a new feature for its Stories. Soon, it will allow you to save Instagram stories as drafts. At present, you cannot keep stories as drafts, either you can download it on your device or can directly upload it on your account. But, now you can draft the stories and upload them later.

Instagram Announces Now you can Save Instagram Stories as Drafts

Instagram Update: New Feature "Save Drafts" for Stories

Already, Instagram reels have a draft option for their posts and reels. Today, Instagram posted a tweet and announced about the story drafts feature. According to Instagram, Stories draft feature was the most requested feature by the users. This option will provide more flexibility and will also be helpful for brands who want to post their update at a particular time.

After the tweet, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shared images of the Stories draft feature. In the picture, we can see three options Discard, Save Draft, and Cancel. This option will make it easy to create Stories whenever you have time and then post it whenever you want.

However, as of now, there is no official date for the feature launch, but it is still in the testing phase. You will see the draft option when you make any story and close it without posting. Then you will see the option of draft and you can select that option and save the story as a draft. The draft stories will be seen on your phone where your photos and videos are available. The feature will be coming soon and it will be worth experimenting with it.

On the other side, Instagram is also warning the users to be careful of scammers who tried to hack Instagram accounts via fake notifications related to “Copyright” claims. Instagram says it will never contact its users like this, there is an official email account from which they do. If you want to check if the news is true or not, then you can go to your account and visit the “Emails from Instagram” section and confirm.

There are also reports that Instagram is testing a feature to add labels to reshared posts on Stories. And it is also said that Instagram for Kids under 13 is also coming soon.

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