Instagram to Soon Let Everyone Share Links in Stories

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app used by millions of people. The app allows you to share links on the stories, but it is limited to the follower counts. To share a link on your Instagram story, the user needs to have 10,000 followers or should have a verified account.

However, this thing might be changing soon, as the company is testing a new option that will allow everyone to share links on their Instagram stories. According to the reports, Instagram is testing the feature for iOS, and currently, a small group will be able to use it.

Instagram Testing New Option of Sharing Links in the Stories

Instagram to let users share links in the stories

Using the link-sharing function on the app will be quite different. At present, we can see the “Swipe up” option while sharing the link, but in the latest update, there is a linking sticker. The user should use the sharing sticker to share any link, and the other user can simply tap on it to open the link.

Similarly, Facebook and Snapchat also have the same “Swipe up” option for link sharing. If you don’t know, on Snapchat, everyone can share links. Another thing is, Instagram will also allow you to reply to the stories with the links, which is not available as of now.

If you want to share links on the Instagram story, you need to first add the story and click on the link sticker to add it to the story. Currently, there is no option available for stickers as there is a swipe-up option.

According to The Verge, the Head of Product, Vishal Shah, has said that the test is small, and the company wants to know how people are using the links sticker. The company will keep an eye on what type of links are posted and will also see there is no spam or malicious links.

For now, Instagram is still testing this new option, but it looks like the feature will be rolled out soon. However, the company has not shared any plans to expand the feature.

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