Instagram is working on “Group unfollow” feature

It becomes quite annoying removing people whom you followed while joining instagram out of curiosity. Although, third party tools let you unfollow a lot of people at once but they are not much reliable as we have to log in to the third party app to get the list of people we follow. Instagram is definitely very late to introduce this feature but we will be getting it soon in the forthcoming update.

Instagram is working on “Group Unfollow” Feature

The upcoming update works different than the third party apps and allows you to unfollow accounts you don’t really interact with within the last 90 days.

Accounts will be put into automatically generated groups such as Least Interacted with and Most show in feed which will be calculated in a period of last 90 days.

On the top of the, this feature will also help you to manage account on the basis of their categories such as posts, memes, fashion, influencer and much more.

This feature is somewhat similar to twitter lists which makes it easier to manage the people we follow.

Instagram is currently testing this feature and we expect them to release this feature in the upcoming update but we cannot guarantee that this feature will be definitely launched.

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