Instagram is warning users before posting any offensive captions

Instagram does not require any introduction. Already, everyone knows it very well. The latest news about Instagram is that they have started using AI to check captions that are getting posted. So if you try to post any offensive caption, you will get a warning alert. But how and why?

Instagram started using AI to alert bullies to offensive captions

Instagram is warning users before posting any offensive captions

Earlier, many issues are coming up on social media. But, the biggest problem on social media is trolling or bullying others. To keep the social media environment, safe and gentle. Instagram is using Artificial Intelligence to find out who is posting offensive captions. Once they detect your caption as an offensive caption, you will get an alert as a warning.

On 16th December 2019 (Today), Instagram has announced that they have rolled out a new update. In that, Instagram has kept AI which will detect and warn users, so they do not post any offensive captions and the same with post comments also.

Instagram also confirmed that if any users are using a variation or extra punctuation of any offensive word in a caption that will be also get captured by AI. Like, Instead of stupid anyone tries to write $tu.pld.

Instagram also confirmed that after getting warning also, they could post that caption or comment. But if any user is violating the terms and conditions of Instagram, then the user will face issues with his/her account.

By doing this, Facebook (Owner of Instagram) has done a great job. As of now, almost everyone uses Instagram kids, adults or older people, so keeping the platform advanced is a must needed thing. We want to see more good stuff by all the social media platform so anyone can use it without any fears.

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