Recently, the new foldable smartphone was launched, and we are still trying to figure out how are the Galaxy Z flip, and Motorola Razr are. Yet, these smartphones are in the talk, and TCL is working on a new style of the smartphones which slides. All the images are leaked, and from that, we can say that TCL is working on a new design of the smartphone which slides the display.

Leaked Images Show TCL Is Getting A New Phone Concept With A Slide-out Screen

Images Leaked: TCL Is Working On A New Phone With Slide-Out Screen
Images Leaked: TCL Is Working On A New Phone With Slide-Out Screen

At CES 2020, TCL has a lot to show off like 5G and foldable phones. However, the company has another design also to show off and waiting for MWC 2020. The new design is a slide-out display, but these design pictures are leaked now.

The leaked photos are shown on a Tweet by CNET, and it looks like a regular-sized smartphone but has a screen which slides out, and it looks like a tablet-sized phone.

Check out the tweet by CNET:

These images show the concept of the TCL phone in different positions and angles. In short, it shows the unique design of the smartphone.

It seems the phone looks like a regular smartphone when it is closed up, with front selfie cameras and vertical cameras on the rear side. However, the phone is closed you won’t see any difference as it looks the same as the other phones. But, the new design of the device is the one edge can slide away to pull out the full display of the smartphone.

This is a new design, and it makes the concept more exciting. According to the reports, this new expandable smartphone will be seen at Mobile World Congress this month. MWC is a world’s largest mobile show which was cancelled due to coronavirus.

On talking about the TCL phone, it has a continuous display with curved screens on both sides.


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