How to Stop Google From Deleting Your Account After June 1, 2021

Recently, Google has announced that it will delete all the unused accounts after June 1, 2021. The company has also brought changes in the storage policy, where it will start charging if the free storage limit is exceeded. If you don’t want your Google account to be deleted then stop it by following the given ways.

Stop Google From Deleting your Account

Stop Google from Deleting account

If you want your account to be active then you must start using that account (keep active). You must use Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and other apps on the web or the corresponding apps.

So, when you regularly use the account, it will be active and Google will not delete your data or account. Even if you forget to check on your account, Google will notify you and you can check it and keep the account active.

Google will also remind you about your account, so you don’t need to worry about it.

  • Google will send you notifications via email or Google apps.
  • Before the content is eligible for deletion, you must contact the 3 months prior
  • It will allow you to download the content or can become an active user to avoid deleting it.

From June 1, 2021, all the accounts which are not in use for more than 2 years will be deleted automatically. Services like Gmail, Drive, Photos, or other Google services, accounts will be considered. Example, all the accounts which are not used in Drive but uses Google Photos and Gmail, then Drive content will be deleted.

Even the storage policy has been changed like, now all the users will get free storage space of 15GB per account. Once the free storage limit is over, you will not be able to upload any file, take back up of photos and videos, create or edit files. You might also get an issue in sending or receiving emails.

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