March 24, 2023

Honda Hacked: Honda Confirms Cyberattack on its Networks

Honda has been hacked and confirms Cyberattack on its Networks. The rumors were making rounds and now they have confirmed the hack.

Honda Hacked: Honda Confirms Cyberattack on its Networks

Honda Hit by Cyber Attacks
Honda Hit by Cyber Attacks

Honda, the Japanese Car maker has confirmed that Hackers hacked into their networks. The Cyberattacks have interrupted some of its operations in its base and the ones present outside of Japan.

“Honda can confirm that a cyber attack has taken place on the Honda network, We can also confirm that there is no information breach at this point in time”, Says the Spokesperson from Honda.

The company also said, “Work is being undertaken to minimize the impact and to restore full functionality of production, sales, and development activities. At this point, we see the minimal business impact”.

As per the limited information available to the public, the company stated that it started to experience difficulties in accessing their servers, emails, and even internal systems. Even the servers outside of Japan were not able to be accessed. The company stated that a Virus spread externally to their internal systems. The company said that their cybersecurity team is looking at what has happened and has refused to divulge any more information for security reasons.

Some cybersecurity experts have said that the servers have been infected by the Ekans ransomware. Ekans Ransomware is designed to infect industrial-based control systems networks. The company also sent its workers home early which means the workflow has certainly been arrested.

It is not known how Honda’s computer system was infiltrated by the criminals but evidence indicates that ransomware attacks are on the rise with cybercriminals using Covid-19 related baits to deceive people into downloading booby-trapped documents and files.

More details are awaited by people of what happened as Honda’s customer service is down too and is causing issues to people during the pandemic.

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