Hackers Selling Zoom Exploits On Dark Web For $5000

Zoom has made a lot of controversy on the users’ privacy and its protection. The app is analyzed for its privacy policy, security loopholes. It allows users to do video conferences. The app is in talks due to the concerns of its security.

Zoom exploits reportedly up for sale for as low as $5,000 on the dark web.

Hackers Selling Zoom Exploits On Dark Web For $5000
Hackers Selling Zoom Exploits On Dark Web For $5000

Zoom app has become testing bad for ethical hacks. There are new reports which say the Zoom Exploits and security flaws are on sale on the dark web at $5000.

One hacker was interviewed by Motherboard and said he traded exploits found in Zoom app on the black market and also said that the Zoom flaws are on sell for between $5000 to $3000.

Zoom has caught itself in a lot of controversies and critical analyses which has raised a lot of questions on its privacy. Even the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned the public who are using Zoom. The FBI warned the users about its security after so many cases of “Zoom-bombing” were out.
Most of the cases were of malicious actors hacking Zoom meetings and showing the inappropriate content like pornography. Repeatedly, Zoom apologised for the problem which has destroyed the reputation of the app.
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Recently, Zoom has removed the Facebook SDK for iOS as it was sharing the private data of the user like device information with a social media company. It was also said that Zoom was revealing the data of a few users without a standard email domain to strangers. While all these were happening, the business of Zoom spiked high globally. The fourth-quarter revenue of Zoom of fiscal 2020 was $122 million, which means it was a rise of 103 percent from one year ago.

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