Hackers Are Using Fake Coronavirus Maps To Infect Your Computer With Malware

The Coronavirus outbreak has disturbed the whole world. Coronavirus has affected everyone, including business operators, are disturbed with this. Each and everyone is disturbed, but the cybercriminals are not slowing down. Earlier, in January, hackers used coronavirus and launched email campaigns which infected Malware in the computers. And now, once again they are using Coronavirus to infect Malware in the computer. This time the Hackers are using Coronavirus Maps.

Hackers are spreading malware through coronavirus maps

Hackers Are Using Fake Coronavirus Maps To Infect Your Computer With Malware
Hackers Are Using Fake Coronavirus Maps To Infect Your Computer With Malware

Few Organizations have created a dashboard to keep a record of the Coronavirus, and most of the people rely on these dashboards. So, hackers have now found another way to inject Malware to the users’ computer.

A researcher from Reason labs, Shai Alfasi, founded that the hackers are now using the tracker maps of Coronavirus to steal information of the users like names, passwords, credit card numbers and much more information which is store in the browser.

The Hackers are creating websites which are related to coronavirus so that the users can download the app, and it will keep you updated on the situation. You don’t need to install the app; it shows you a map of the Coronavirus how it is spreading. Hackers are using this website to create a malware file which is installed on your PC.

Most of the websites created by Hackers looks genuine maps. These maps track the viral virus outbreak, but it has a different URL from the original one.

At present, this malware is affecting Windows machines only, but the researchers say these hackers will get new versions which can affect other systems also.

Alfasi, a researcher said, the hackers are using a malware software which is names as AZORult, which was found in 2016. This AZORult software steals the data from your computer and injects other malware. It can steal your personal information from your computer, including passwords.

Shai Alfasi said, 

“It is used to steal browsing history, cookies, ID/passwords, cryptocurrency and more. It can also download additional malware onto infected machines. AZORult is commonly sold on Russian underground forums for the purpose of collecting sensitive data from an infected computer.”

According to the reports, the new variant of AZORult can install a secret admin account to perform remote attacks.

So, guys beware of these hackers and do not download any fake coronavirus update apps or map. Stay away from getting infected by Malware.

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