Guardian Safety App Launched by Truecaller for Android & iOS

Everybody knows about Truecaller, it is a caller identification app. It has now launched a new safety app called Guardians. On Wednesday, the developers announced the new Guardians app for personal safety. The app is available for Android and iOS for free.

Truecaller Launches Guardians Safety App for Women: Here’s How it Works

Guardians app launched by Truecaller

Guardians app is built by the team from Stockholm and India over the past 15 months now. As per the reports, there are no ads or premium plans to use the features of the app.

All the users on this new app can add their family, friends, and authorities. Basically, it is a safety app, which can be used in emergencies. Like, you can ask for help from your family, friends, and emergency authorities.

If you are in an emergency, then click on the “Emergency” button and share your location with the Guardians. Even there is an option to accept help from “Community Guardians”, once you click on the emergency button they will get your location.

How does Guardian App Work?

On the Guardian app, you can add your friends, family, and authorities who are known as Guardians. In the app, you must select the community guardians so whenever you click on the emergency button, they will get your location. It is up to you, from whom you want to take help from the community guardians.

Soon, the app will allow you to get help from local law enforcement. The user can set up a permanent sharing location with the selected guardians. If you are sharing a location for a trip, then the guardian will work in the background and will run in normal mode.

The Sign-up process is very easy, just like the Truecaller app. To use this app, you don’t need to be a Truecaller user. Just download the app, install it and get OTP after entering your phone number. Or else verify your number via giving a miss call.

The company says the app will not share any personal info with any apps, not even with the Truecaller app.

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