Google’s New Sodar Tool Helps Users To Maintain Social Distancing!

All the smartphone users now have a new tool name Sodar, which will help them to keep a distance from others in this coronavirus situation. Google has developed this new AR tool, Sodar for all the Android users.

Google’s New Sodar Tool Helps Android Smartphone Users Maintain Social Distancing

Google's New Sodar Tool Helps Users To Maintain Social Distancing!

Google and Apple are working together for developing a new contact tracing tool. However, Google has found a tool to maintain distance from others. Whenever you go out of the house, you can use “Sodar” tool. It will tell you the exact distance of how far you should stand from the other person.

Point the camera towards the ground, and it will show you a boundary of 2 metres which is basically over 6 feet.

As this tool is not an app, so you need to visit its official website to use it. You cannot download it from the Play Store. This AR Tool Sodar is available on Google Chrome and all Android devices as of now.

If you also want to use Sodar tool and want to help people to fight coronavirus then try it by following the given steps:

How to use Google’s AR Sodar tool?

To maintain social distancing, use this Goole’s AR tool Sodar.

  • First, open the official website of Sodar in Google Chrome. WEBSITE
  • If you have opened the website on your Laptop or PC, then Scan the mobile QR code on the website and use it on the phone.
  • Click on “Enter AR” when it asks.
  • Your camera will be opened, point it towards the surface, and it will show you how much distance you need to maintain.

So, next time whenever you step out of the house, make sure you use this tool and keep a distance.

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