Google’s New Utility Will Help You To Check Pollution Of A City

A new tool developed by Google provides information related to environment in urban cities which includes information like building emissions, transportation emission and rooftop solar potential.

The tool is named as Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) which is developed with the help of Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCOM). The tool is available for free and anyone can use to access information despise of its main target users being the city planners.

The GCOM director says that

“We believe EIE can serve as a critical first step for city sustainability teams to better assess their current situation and more efficiently track and monitor their progress in meeting their climate protection goals.”, says Amanda Eichel, Executive Director of GCOM.

As of now detailed information is available for a total of 35 cities around the world which will be expanded in the future, as per Google. You can also request to add you city to the list by filling up the form from here.

Google's New Utility Will Help You To Check The Pollution Of A City
Google’s New Utility Will Help You To Check The Pollution Of A City

This seem to be a great initiative of Google to provide the citizens a detailed insights about the environmental conditions of the place they live in, the tool is free to use, you can click here to go to the site and search for the cities to get its data.


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