Google’s first Android Game SDK out for Public Use

Late last year, Google created a new AOSP tree called “gamesdk” and this week it looks like they’re getting ready for the first release.

Game SDK Out for Public: 

Android Game SDK
Android Game SDK

The initial release of the “Android Game SDK” will focus on helping developers in their Android games boost frame pacing. Game SDK version 1.0.0 provides the Android Frame Pacing Library as a static library to integrate mobile game developers into their engines.

Android game SDK Graph
Android game SDK Graph

Google spoke briefly at Google I / O 2019 about the new Android Frame Pacing API and posted a section on it on the website of Android Developers. This guide explains how to incorporate Android Frame Pacing with a different set of instructions into your project depending on whether the rendering engine of your game is using OpenGL ES or the Vulkan API.

Android Game SDK Version 1.0.0 Release Notes

  •  This initial version of the Android Game SDK features the Android Frame Pacing library.
  • Features
    •  Display buffer synchronisation.
    • Auto-refresh rate mode and pipelining support.
    • Collection of frame rendering statistics.
    • Graceful selection of behaviour at runtime, depending on the presence of the Android, OpenGL, and Vulkan features needed by Swappy.
    • Static and dynamic linking of the library.
    • Support for devices with multiple refresh rates.
Inclusion of Game SDK in Unity Engine
Inclusion of Game SDK in Unity Engine

Android Frame Pacing has already been incorporated into its game engine by Unity. For background, Unity revealed it’s game engine’s 2019.2 betas in May of this year. The update included a new setting in the “System Settings” section called “Optimized Frame Pacing.” Unity says that in partnership with the Google Android Gaming and Graphics team, they developed this feature to”provide a consistent framerates.”

Although Google has released the release notes for version 1.0.0 of the Android Game SDK, the company has not made an announcement yet.

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