Google’s AppSheet Let’s You Develop an App Without Coding

Google has announced a new feature to its Workspace interface, which will allow you to create an app without coding. Google has launched the AppSheet tool to the Workspace. Earlier this month, Google has brought all its productivity tools and services under the workspace.

Create Apps using AppSheet, No Coding Required

Create app with AppSheet

Recently, Google has introduced Google Workspace, and soon a new tool is out for it. All of you can now develop an app, even if you don’t know to code. The AppSheet tool will help you out in creating an app.

Let us see how to create an app without knowing to code.

How to develop an app without coding?

Any user can create their own app by using the new feature AppSheet available in the Workspace. So, let us check out how to do it?

  • One can directly use AppSheet from Google Sheets.
  • Just open a Sheet and search for “Open in AppSheet.
  • This option is available under Tools.
  • There you need to create an AppSheet account.
  • Now, start creating an App, and the coding parts, creating a prototype app; data structure will be managed by AppSheet.
  • For the new application, the data in the sheet will work as the source of data.
  • The AppSheet will detect the types of data connected automatically and will create an interface.
  • Once the prototype is created, the users can modify the app.
  • Then, you will see the option of installing the app on mobile, and later the updates will be made.

Moreover, to show real-time data, users can add dashboards, barcodes to scan, and email to receive automatic notifications. AppSheet allows you to create any type of app from managing the customer’s order to a safety app.

Google posted a blog and announced a new tool. The post read,

To use this tool, open up a Sheet > under “Tools” click on “Open in AppSheet.” “Once you create an AppSheet account (if you didn’t have one already), AppSheet will take care of the coding part, analyzing the data structure and creating a prototype app from it”.

Let me give you quick info about AppSheet. AppSheet is Google Cloud’s no-code development app, which is designed to create an app without having any knowledge of coding.

Now, you don’t need to learn to code or find someone who knows to code and create an app for you. Just use AppSheet and create the app and start using it. As we told you, AppSheet lets you create an app directly from Google Sheets.

Google AppSheet is added to the Google Workspace bundle. Once you open the Google Workspace, you will see AppSheet with other tools and services.

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