Google warns Indian users of data leak after Chrome 79 bug

Everyone knows Google very well. Google is also known as a tech giant company. And what if we tell you that even Google has some issues. Recently there was a data leak that happened in google chrome.

Google warns Indian users of data leak after Chrome 79 bug

On Thursday, Many users faced issues on their laptops, Mobile and tablets where they got alert. In that many user’s passwords got stolen. Even some media organizations got targeted with this bug.

After that, Google started rolling out the latest update where that bug got fixed. After the bug got fixed google started giving alert regarding change passwords of their accounts.

“Change your password. A data breach on a site or app exposed your password. Chrome recommends changing your password for the site,”

Many users have seen this alert on e-commerce websites, and few users have seen this alert on news websites too. Google Chrome has fixed this bug with the latest update in that it also fixed a web view bug.

Google wacarns Indian users of data leak after Chrome 79 bug
Google warns Indian users of data leak after Chrome 79 bu

Google has described the fix as,

“Resolves an issue in WebView where some users’ app data was not visible within those apps. The app data was not lost and will be made visible in apps with this update”.

After this, Google developers have stated that they forgot to move the contents of local storage or WebSQL into the new Chrome 79 directory. (This is unbelievable that google developers are doing this kind of silly mistakes)

Now, after this, We can not say that our data is safe. As we can see, almost all type of websites are getting hacked easily. But the main issue is that now people are using so many online services. Like banking, e-commerce and much more.

So if our passwords get leak quickly then, our data and money are not safe now. To stay safe from this, we have to keep double authentication, or we have to check our accounts all activity regularly. Not only this, we do have to keep a unique password for all platforms.

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