Google to Shift Hangouts Users to Google Chats in 2021

We already know that Google has announced that it is going to shut Hangouts. And now,, it has announced that all the users of Hangouts will be shifted to Google Chats by next year. As per the reports, at the end of 2021, Hangouts will be shut down.

Hangouts To Shut Down in Early 2021

Google to Shift Hangouts Users to Google Chats in 2021
Google to Shift Hangouts Users to Google Chats in 2021

All the Hangout users can transfer their chats, contacts, and history to the new Google Chats platform. As of now, Google Chat was only available for Premium G Suite customers. But, now it will become free with Gmail and an app like Google Hangouts.

In a blog post, the company said that it will bring it for everyone till next year. In Google Chat there will be some of the Hangout features like direct and group messaging, and some other features will be dropped out. The new messaging app will also have the same tool as Gmail. One can sent links and attachments via Google Chat which will automatically run through the real-time data from Google.

Google has confirmed that all the data of Hangouts will migrate automatically to the new Google Chat once it will be live. However, there is no exact date out yet when it will bring out the app. Even there is no other details specified on how the users will transfer to other app.

In the early, 2021, users will not be able to use Hangouts. For voice users, the company will start directing text messages and calls from Hangouts to Voice app. The voice support will be removed from Hangouts next year. The users of Google Fi will be not be able to manage text messages and calls from next year.

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