Google to Announce ‘New Google Pay’ App at an Event

Google has announced that it is bringing a “New Google Pay” for Android and iOS. There is an event tonight hosted by Google, where the company will reveal the redesigned Google Pay App. You can watch the event on the YouTube channel at 10:57 PM (India timing).

“New Google Pay” App Coming for Android & iOS.

New Google Pay coming tonight

A technology giant, Google, has posted a tweet and said, “Send, spend or save, we’re reimagining @GooglePay to help everyone build a better relationship with money. Tune into our event tomorrow at 9:30 AM PT to see what’s new.”

Recently, the Google Pay app got a new logo. As per the latest reports, the company is making a change in the debit card for Google Pay users. However, as of now, the changes will be done in the US.

The event by Google will be starting at 9:30 am PT and 10:57 PM IST on 18th November. In the tweet, Google has posted a YouTube link also for watching the event online.

Back in April, the debit card images were leaked with mockups of money managing tools in Google Pay App. It was similar to Apple Card for iPhone users, available in the Wallet app on iOS.

Here’s the YouTube Channel to watch the event Live-stream.


As per the reports, Google might be ready to launch its own government-backed banking system. This system will also give users visual spending tools and many easy ways to manage it. However, no other details are out on exactly what changes are coming and the new features for debit card or any rewards. So, we need to wait till the event is live-streamed.

Google already has a debit card. A Google Wallet Card was a MasterCard debit account that deducts money from Google Waller balance or the saved payment method. Earlier, the Google Wallet card and the PayPal debit card were almost similar. However, later after a few years, it was discontinued.

On the YouTube channel, the description says the new application will “improve your relationship with money. We can expect that when Google Pay will start offering digital-first banking accounts that are accessed first from the app.

This feature will expand Google Pay from the use of NFC-based payments. And Google is making it into personal finance.

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