Google Search to Get Dark Mode on Desktop

Google is testing a dark mode theme for the Search results on Desktop. Dark Mode feature is one of the most requested features among mobile users, and we have seen the dark theme in many apps. However, Google has rolled out Dark Theme for almost all of its apps, and now it is bringing it for desktop browsers.

Google A/B Testing Dark Theme for All Browsers

Google A/B Testing Dark Theme for All Browsers

As per the latest reports, the search giant is A/B testing a dark theme, especially for desktop search. In the dark mode, the While background of the browser will be changed to dark gray color.

According to reports shared by 9to5Google, when the user will turn on the dark mode, the browser’s background will match first-party mobile apps. The logo of Google will be seen in white color, and the microphone icon is the same as now. Other icons like All, Images, News, and other filters will be in blue. The Black text will be seen in gray color, and for page names/links, there is a different shade of blue.

The screenshots which are shared by 9to5Google are from Windows 10 in Google Chrome and Firefox. Earlier, there were reports that the search giant Google is working with Microsoft to bring dark mode on Chrome.

Google A/B Testing Dark Theme for All Browsers

The present dark mode feature only changes the color of the elements of the user interface, and it works with Windows 10 dark theme. And in the coming update, Google might bring the dark mode to the Chrome web browser. As of now, there are no other details provided by Google on the coming update.

Dark Mode for Google search on the browser is not yet rolled out widely, but we can hope, soon the company will announce about the feature to all the users.

This year, the tech giant has brought a dark mode feature to its smart display device like Nest Hub and others.

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