Google removes so many malware apps from the Google Play Store every other day. Recently it has removed an app ToTok from Play Store for the second time. If you don’t know then ToTok is a popular chat app which allows fast, free and secure messages and calls. The ToTok app was removed from play store on Friday 14th February.

Alleged spy app ToTok App Removed from Google Play store

Google Removed Alleged Spy App ToTok From Play Store For Second Time
Google Removed Alleged Spy App ToTok From Play Store For Second Time

As per the reports on the internet, Google removed the popular ToTok app from Play Store on 14th February. This app is removed for the second time from play store. Probably, the app is a spying tool for the United Arab Emirates. Earlier, there were reports that the ToTok app allows the UAE government to spy on the users. But the app denied the reports.

The app was earlier removed from both the App Store and Play Store last year December. However, after a month in January silently, the app was back. Google has confirmed about removing the app but did not give any reason behind it.

The first time, the app was removed by Google because of violating some policies of the Play Store. Apparently, for the same reason, the app has been removed for the second time. The ToTok app is unavailable on both Play Store as well as App Store as of now.

ToTok is a messaging app which offers “fast, free, and secure” messaging and calls to its users. In the UAE and also in the Middle East, and the US, the app is downloaded by millions of users. It was the most downloaded app in the US.


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