Google Play Pass Offers More Than 350 Apps & Games For $4.99

One undeniably real thing is we all hate ads and random pop-ups to purchase the pro pack or some collectibles while playing our favourite game. To provide an uninterrupted gaming experience to its users, Google will offer you an option to play games without ads.

To avail this facility, the user will have to spend a mere 4.99 dollars a month to get Google Play Pass. The new facility is available in the US from this week and soon in other countries.

Google Play Pass Will Have More Than 350 Apps & Games

There are more than 350 apps and games from the Play store that are to be included in the Google Play Pass. To let the users test the Google Play Pass, the subscription for the first month will cost around $1.99 per month for the first year. Also, you can enjoy the first 10 days for free.

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Apple also introduced Apple Arcade a few days ago, which is a $4.99 subscription service only for games. The Google Play Pass model is not exactly similar to Apple’s Arcade as Google is also providing apps along with games.

However, the apps that are included in the Google Play Pass will continue to be available as standalone purchases or with ads support. Any previously installed app in your device that is present in the Google Play Pass list will have its ads removed and in-app purchases unlocked as soon as you purchase a pass.

Google will soon start showing a small multi-coloured symbol in front of the app that is included in the Google play pass bundle. This will let the users identify if the app is included in the package or not.

As of writing, the Google Play Pass is available only in the US. However, it will be launched in other countries soon.

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