Google Play Music Store Shuts Down Worldwide

Google has shut down the Google Play Music streaming app forever. After this, YouTube Music will be the primary music streaming service of Google. This is not so surprising, as Google has announced about this back in August only.

Google Completely Shuts Down Play Music Store Globally

Google Play Music Store Shuts Down Worldwide
Google Play Music Store Shuts Down Worldwide

Google has finally shut down the Play Store worldwide, and now you can’t buy music from it anymore. Google Play Music app allowed the users to purchase songs and listen to it in GPM format, and there was also an option for downloading music in MP3.

All the Play Music service users have got three options to go ahead. Firstly, they can transfer their songs library to YouTube Music. Or they can choose to download the music which they have purchased. Or the users can choose to delete the Play Music library and lose access to the music forever. If the users don’t do anything till the Play Music app becomes unavailable, everything will be deleted automatically by Google.

The change from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is not so smooth, but there is no other choice for the users. YouTube is bringing updates and new features to the Music subscription to welcome the users of Play Music.

Google has removed the “Browse Music” tab from the Mobile Play Store. However, the Web Play Store still shows a “Music store on Google Play is no longer available.” Later this month, all the ability to stream music on Google Play Music will disappear.

Google Play Music will be gone completely later this year.

According to the reports on 9to5Google, there is a message saying,

Google getting rid of the ability to buy and download songs enshrines streaming as the dominant model and reflects the long journey from physical media to digital stores and now today’s norm. Those that still want to own audio files can use iTunes and Amazon, while YouTube Music’s cloud locker launched in February and supports user uploads on the web.

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