Google Pixel fourth generation has seen some problem in the Face Unlock feature. Google Pixel 4 saw a long-standing feature, the fingerprint scanner which will be replaced with the face unlocking feature. Google Pixel 4 has got some user-facing issue and this time it is with Project Soli-backed face unlock system.

Google Pixel 4 face unlock is broken for some Users

Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Is Broken, Reported By The Users!
Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Is Broken, Reported By The Users!

As per the reports, the users of the Pixel 4 device has got a message which says, “can’t verify Face”, and “Hardware not available”. It shows this error “Can’t verify face, try again” when the user try to use the biometric authentication in the Pixel device.

The problem first started up around November and then increased for more users. For a few of the users, the face unlocks issue first came after they received Google’s monthly security updates. However, it is also occurring without getting the update. There are reports for the issues occurring at the Pixel support forums, Reddit, and XDA Forums.

For all the users who are affected by this issue was notified that they need to re-enrol in the face unlock. But, if the user removes or re-add their face data to fix the problem then also the issue is not being solved. Some of them can’t even delete the phone’s stored face data. Even if you restart the phone in safe mode then also it is not helping out.

However, some of them say doing factory reset the problem was solved. So, for all those who are affected by this problem in their device they can do a factory reset, even though it always does not fix the problem. The problem is, the owner of the device can’t take a backup of the system like a fingerprint sensor.


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