Google Photos to End its Free Unlimited Storage in 2021 & will Start Charging for Storage

Google’s one of the most important and popular features; Google Photos free unlimited storage, is going to end next year. After the free storage of photos and videos will end, Google will start charging you if your account has more than 15 gigs.

Free, Unlimited Storage of Google Photos to Start Charging for Storage

Free, Unlimited storage Google Photos

The company has announced that this change will happen on 21st June 2021. With this change, Google has also announced that it will be deleting data of all the inactive accounts which are not in use from last two years.

So, you have enough time to decide whether to use Google Photos or want to change the storage provider for your photos. Till June 1st, all the photos and documents which are uploaded will not be counted against 15GB capacity. All those photos which you upload after 1st June will be counted in the capacity storage.

Google Photos is the most popular app with 1 billion users. For high-quality pictures, it offers unlimited storage, so for all the users it was easy to store photos to the cloud without any problem. According to Google, Google Photos receives more than 4 trillion photos and videos which are uploaded by 28 billion users every week. And it added, that as it will now charge for crossing 15GB storage capacity, 80% of users will not use it beyond the storage limit. From 1st June, Pixel users will not be able to upload high-quality photos for free.

Google Photos end its free service

According to Google, it is offering more free storage than others. It is giving 15GB storage capacity and in Apple’s iCloud you get 5GB storage. If you reach the capacity, the company will send alerts and warnings. And there will be a new storage management tools which helps you to easily find photos which you might want to delete.

If you still want to use free services by Google, then you can go for Google One subscription. You can get subscription at Rs.130 per month in India which gives 100GB storage. Then there is another plan of Rs.650 per month which gives 2TB storage and other features like you can add family members and more.

And all those users who are having subscription plans on One Drive, Cloud storage, they can export their photos and videos from Google Photos. You can either put your data in the external storage drive or you can transfer it to another cloud storage. The choice is yours. You can either download the files or export the files via Google Takeout service.

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