Google today, has added a Built-in Private Chat for Google Photos. This comes after Google had added its Memories and some printing features.

Google adds Built-in Private Chat for Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos 

Google, after launching a ton of Messaging applications, has now turned into experimenting with a new messaging feature within the Google Photos. This feature comes after Google added stories like feature called Memories to its application.

This feature is inbuilt and lets users quickly and easily share those one-off photos or videos with another person, instead of taking additional steps to build a shared album.

This feature is absolutely user-friendly. You can select the Share function in the application, select Send by Google Photos and you can choose the users you want to send to.

To use this feature, one should have a Google account and have the Google Photos application to use Chat. You can return to the chat anytime you want to by using the share tab.

Google has said in a statement, “This feature isn’t designed to replace any chat apps you already use, but we do hope it improves sharing memories with your friends and family in Google Photos.”

This new feature will be rolled out next week and will be supported by all the platforms of iOS, Android and Website.


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