April 2, 2023

Google Now Allows You To Customize Emoji On Your Android!

Google Keyboard or Gboard users on Android can now customize their own emoji by combining two emojis and then use it as a sticker. Now, you can become more expressive with a new feature of Gboard on Android. This new feature will allow you to create different emoji by mixing up two emojis. The new feature is called “Emoji Kitchen”. Here you can mix up your favourite emoji and create customized stickers.

Gboard Now Lets You Customize Emoji On Android phones

Google Now Allows You To Customize Emoji On Your Android!
Google Now Allows You To Customize Emoji On Your Android!

Google has brought a new feature named “Emoji Kitchen” which allows the users to create “recipes” of their favourite emoji. You can combine different emojis, faces, in different ways. For example, you can put glasses on a monkey. Or a ghost emojis with a cowboy hat.

You will also be able to use these “Customized” emoji on other apps which work with Gboard like Gmail, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Google’s Messages app. So, all of them those who use Gboard, Emoji Kitchen feature is out to all Android beta users.

In a press release, Google said, “With Emoji Kitchen, your phone’s keyboard becomes an even richer canvas for expression.

This new Emoji Kitchen feature looks similar to the Emoji Mashup Bot. It is a Twitter bot which is combining emoji icons from July 2019. Check out the tweet below:

Now, check out how to customize emoji on Gboard.

How to get customized emoji?

To get customized emoji, you need to have the latest version of Gboard.

  • Open any app which uses Gboard and then tap on any emoji you like
  • Then Emoji Kitchen will open a group of stickers from which you can choose from
  • Select the customized emoji which you want to send
  • That’s it! Now you can share a combination of emoji to your friends.

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