June 9, 2023

Google Messages to Follow System Theme in Android 10

With the arrival of Android 10 to the phones that are scheduled to receive the update, Google Messages has received an update that would allow it to follow the System theme in Android 10 and the Emoji shortcut has been restored.

Dark Mode Support in Google Messages! 

Google Messages Darkmode

Google Messages is a Messaging Application by Google. It is the Android Equivalent of iMessage. It does have support for RCS in selected countries. It is the default messaging application in stock android devices.

Google Messages darkmode
Google Messages Darkmode

The v5.0 Beta update in Google Messages now takes advantage of the Android 10’s Dark mode and switches to the preferred mode automatically. The manual choice is still available for people who want it their way.

The first batch of Google dark theme apps, like Google Contacts, have already switched, while all new updates are launching with this implementation, including Google App, Assistant, and Gmail and is coming to more devices as quick as it can.

Emoji Shortcut Restored!

Messages Dark Mode
Google Messages Emoji Picker

In earlier versions of Messages, you may have seen an emoji button to the right side of the message box, which gave users a quick way to access emoji, which might have been extra helpful if you used a keyboard that didn’t offer anything similar. Now that the button seems to had only seen a limited rollout, and it was eventually disabled for everybody. Now it seems to be back, and probably for good this time.

Observant users might have also spotted a change to the icon for photo attachments. The camera shape has become a bit smaller and the background box grew in size and now has some kind of shape to it.

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