Google Maps Starts Showing Traffic Lights On Android Device

Google maps is the most popular apps and it regularly gets updated to give better service to its users. And on its 15th birthday, this year in February the app brought a lot of features like AR navigation, real-time location sharing, and much more. And now, there are reports that the app is testing a new feature which will show traffic lights in the Google maps.

Traffic Lights Displayed on Google Maps in the US

Google Maps Starts Showing Traffic Lights On Android Device
Google Maps Starts Showing Traffic Lights On Android Device

Showing traffic lights in the maps feature will be so helpful. In June, there were reports of Google Maps testing the feature but now the feature is available for some of the users in the US in Android device.

A reader from West Des Moines, Iowa has taken a screenshot which shows traffic lights around the city. The traffic lights are seen while using the map view and also while navigation. However, while navigating the traffic lights looks much bigger. This feature will help the users to end up the traffic light and it can help them to choose another route to avoid delay.

However, the feature just shows the traffic lights on the map, no other functionality is announced as of now. Things might get changed when the feature is released for all the users. As it is available for a few users, the feature is still under development.

This feature is available in few regions on 10.44.3 version of the app. If you know, since last year, Apple maps already have similar feature which also offers to use Siri to alert users when they are about to reach traffic light.

For most of the people’s using Google Maps, Traffic light icons are available, especially in the United States. To use this feature, you don’t need to turn on or no need to activate it. First, this feature was spotted in July, that time also the icons look the same. You will see these icons while navigating or browsing the map.

Well, hopefully, we will get to see this feature in other countries soon.

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