Google Maps Can Now Help You To Find Nearby Public Toilets

A new Google Maps update by Google has announced that Maps will now show the information of the nearby Public toilets on your device. As of writing, the Google Maps has over 57,000 public toilets listed in more than 2,300 cities all over India. The feature has been rolled out in association with the Clean India (Swachh Bharat) campaign and the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs to support the mission.

How to use the feature?

This feature is quite simple to use; if you cannot control you pee on the way home, open Google maps and type “public toilets near me” in the Search box. You can also search the same on Google app or chrome. If the pressure is too high, then you can shout “ok google,” “public toilets near me.” The google assistant will list the nearby toilets for you with directions.

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Anal Gosh, Senior Program Manager of Google Maps, says that the main of Google Maps has always been to provide the correct directions and help the people to explore the nearby places and the world. The availability of public sanitation facilities, and providing directions for it will promote clean habits and hygiene.

The My Business platform of Google also helped the government to keep an eye on the reviews, ratings, visits and feedbacks of the public sanitation that enabled them to make necessary changes and fulfill the requirements of the locals.

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