Google Maps ‘Community Feed’ Feature Out for Reviews, Nearby Recommendations & More

Google Maps is bringing a new feature, “Community Feed,” in the explore tab. This new feature will show you reviews, photos, nearby events, and business recommendations in the area. For the past few years, Google is updating its Mapping app with interesting features, and it is back with the Community Feed tab.

Community Feed Tab in Google Maps Rolls Out Globally

Community feed in google maps

Google has confirmed that the “Community Feed” feature will be rolling out globally for all Android and iOS users. Well, this new Google Maps feature will recommend nearby places or events to the users.

Most of the people interact with the “Explore” tab in Google Maps. Once you click on it, you will see a sheet that has popular places and other nearby events with information. However, after the update will be rolled out, you will see the “Community Feed” option where it will show “updates and recommendations from local sources.” This means the app will highlight the ratings, reviews, photos, updates, business services, updated addresses, and so much more.

The user can like all the posts and can follow new people and businesses. Google Maps is bringing this feature to make it easier for people to search for things to do and places to go. It will keep updating the menu of popular restaurants, hike trails, day trips in the city, and more events.

In a blog post, Google said,

 “By panning and zooming the map, you can find helpful information for almost any location in the world, thanks to contributions from in-the-know locals.”

The community feed checks out your account and looks for your interests, and then offers you according to it. Like, in Google Maps preferences, if you have marked interest in healthy food, you will see recommendations of that type of food.

The Google Maps community feed is out for both Android and iOS devices. We can say this new feed works like Facebook’s News Feed.

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