Google Map Update Brings In Incognito Mode for Users

Recently, Google pushed incognito mode in the Youtube Android app and was testing incognito mode in Google Maps also. The company has now finally released the incognito mode update for Google maps to provide a privacy feature to the users which was officially announced by Google in the support forums for maps this week.

Google Adds Incognito Mode Feature in Google Maps

The feature is available for devices running Google Maps v10.28.2 which is the latest stable version of the application in case you don’t find the latest version, you can update it from the Google Play store.

To enable incognito mode in Google maps, launch the app and tap on your profile picture to open the menu and select the “turn incognito mode” from there.

Google Map Update Brings In Incognito Mode for Users
Source: Beebom

The screenshots above can help you look out for the feature quickly. Once activated, your profile picture will be replaced with a Google default picture icon the same as what happens in Youtube after switching to incognito mode.

Once selected, Incognito mode stays activated until manually turned off, therefore, you will remain in incognito mode even after clearing data of the Google maps app.

The official update was rolled out a few hours ago, therefore, it might take some time for the update to reach to every android user around the world.

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