Google Making Self-Check Website On Coronavirus Testing

The US President Donald Trump announced on 13 March that Google is creating a website where people can check whether they have coronavirus symptoms or not. Donal Trump also about the State of Emergency in his country. In the US, the Trump administration is facing critique for slow checking coronavirus. So, the US president announced some new projects. And one of them is Google Building a self-check website for Coronavirus. This website will not only help you to get the symptoms but will also find the nearest test centres.

Donald Trump says Google making website on coronavirus Testing

Google Making Self-Check Website On Coronavirus Testing
Google Making Self-Check Website On Coronavirus Testing

Donald Trump announced that the upcoming Google Website would help to check the symptoms of coronavirus. This website will also help you to get the nearest test centres. But, just after hours, the US president announced about the Website, Google backed off. Google posted a tweet and said it was not working on that kind of website which Donal Trump talked about. Instead of that, the company said, they are working on a much smaller website.

Check out the Tweet:

However, the company is working on the website, but it is small, limited in scope, and it will be meant for people in the Bay area, in San Francisco and other places. And the website is not built by Google; it will be by Verily.

Earlier, Trump said, “Google will develop a website. It will be done so quickly and will test for coronavirus and also a nearby location of the test centre. As of now, 1,700 engineers are working on this.”

Countries like South Korea and Germany have rapidly tested people who have coronavirus infections. It might be possible that Donal Trump has asked tech companies to make an app and a web-based mechanism which can help to see coronavirus symptoms and nearby test centres.

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