January 27, 2023

Google Grasshopper Comes to Desktop!

Google has finally brought its code teaching platform known as Grasshopper to Desktop!. It is a tool to teach coding to novices and young ones.

Google Grasshopper is coming to Desktop! 

Google Grasshopper Comes to Desktop!
Google Grasshopper Comes to Desktop!

Grasshopper was initially launched in 2018 in Android out of Area 120 as a mobile application. Google claims that the application has received millions of downloads within a year.

The application has a simple UI so young ones will be interested in coding as Google does help them to appreciate coding and nurturing them. The Application is available on Desktop, a simplified UI on its website, Android and iOS. The codes get synced regardless of which platform you use.

Google Grasshopper Comes to Desktop!
Grasshopper Demo

“We created Grasshopper to increase access to coding education and to help prepare people for career opportunities in tech. As part of our Grow with Google initiative to create economic opportunity for everyone, today we’re announcing that Grasshopper is now available on desktop, with additional courses to help you build new coding skills.” As per said in a blog post by Google on its release of Grasshopper last year.

Google also today added two new classes to Grasshopper, in addition to the original “fundamentals” class on basic topics like variables, operators and loops. The new classes are Using a Code Editor and Intro to Webpages, which teaches you more about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

After completing all the courses available you will be able to grasp the basics of the languages present on the website.

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