Google Pushes Chrome Version 78 Update with Forced Dark Mode

Finally, the latest version of Google Chrome browser for Mac, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS have been released which brings in a new customization menu for the tab page and mandatory dark mode with password checkup support and other features.

The update brings customization to the tab, which means that much more customization can be done to the background. You can now manage the looks of shortcuts, curated shortcuts or no shortcuts. A new gallery of themes and images will now let you choose a perfect theme for your chrome browser.

Google Chrome update has brought forced dark mode which means every site whether it is compatible or not will be turned into dark mode. Moreover, Google’s password extension, which was launched in February will be integrated into Chrome 78 soon which will advise you to change passwords while logging into the site with unsafe credentials.

Some more features such as Tab hover cards for better navigations, a click-to-call function that allows you to send a highlighted number on your android device which not available for everyone yet.

Version 78 also shows that Google is testing DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) protocol in Chrome which prevents hackers from spying on users.

If you still haven’t updated your Chrome browser, go to settings > Help > About Chrome, on your PC. While on smartphones, go to the play store or app store and update your Chrome browser from the app’s sections.


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