Update Google Chrome Browser To Safeguard Your PC From Zero-day Exploits

Recently Google rolled out chrome update which had major changes but unfortunately, a few bugs lead Chrome Browser to zero-day vulnerabilities on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hence, Google has rolled out a fix(build 78.0.3904.87) for two bugs out of which one of them was an active exploit that hackers are using to exploit computers.

Google Pushed Bug Fixes For Chrome Browser

Google says that the majority of Chrome users have updated to the latest version that is 78.0.3904.87. The company also said that one of the vulnerabilities that are CVE-2019-13720 is affecting audio component in Chrome while another bug, CVE-2019-13721, is a part of the PDFium library. No further technical details about the vulnerabilities have been revealed by Google yet.

The exploits were reported by the researchers at Kaspersky, Anton Ivanov, and Alexey Kulaev, last Tuesday and also an anonymous user banananapenguin (pseudonym) reported the same.

Both of the bugs could lead to a major security threat to the users’ computer. Although Google has pushed out the patch for the bugs and you can update to the latest version from settings.

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