Google Chrome Got Affected by Magellan 2.0 Flaws

Over a Billion people are currently using Google Chrome Browser as their default browser. Google is leading in almost all industries, and if we found that Google has some issues, then you will be in shock.

Google Chrome a famous and most used internet browser, got affected by new vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may allow hackers to run malicious code in Google Chrome. The flaw known as Magellan 2.0 is a set of five SQLite vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome Hit By Bug Magellan 2.0

The researches at Tencent Blade Team discovered the bug, Magellan 2.0 has come just after one year a similar issue arose in the Google Chrome. The SQLite is widely used in browsers, operating systems, and mobile phones.

Google Chrome Got Affected by Magellan 2.0 Flaws
Google Chrome Got Affected by Magellan 2.0 Flaws

The research team said, “We have reported all the details of the vulnerability to Google, and they have fixed vulnerabilities”.

These vulnerabilities are causing a lot of crash of Google Chrome Browsers. But if any hacker tries then the hacker can hack into your browser and hacker can use some of your browser’s features.

In this flaw, there are some issues with SQL lite. We all know that SQL is used to store all the critical data into the databases. If the data gets a leak, then there will be a lot of problems for Google and its users.

Recently Google Chrome had some issues in that a lot of data got leaked. And now again there are new issues. After all its Google they will fix everything soon. But if Google is not safe, then how can we trust other small websites.

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