Google Chrome 83 Comes With Redesign Privacy Features And New Tools

On Monday, Google announced that it is bringing new privacy features and new tools in chrome. In a blog post, Google said, Chrome 83 will give many controls to the users to observe their safety on the web. With the help of new features, all the users can manage cookies, keep passwords safe, can delete cookies on the incognito mode.

Google Chrome 83 Debuts With Redesign Privacy and Security Settings

Google Chrome 83 Comes With Redesign Privacy Features And New Tools
Google Chrome 83 Comes With Redesign Privacy Features And New Tools

The same thing was announced on Twitter by CEO Sundar Pichai. He posted and wrote,

“We’re rolling out new tools + redesigned privacy & security settings in on desktop to help you better control your safety on the web: a safety check tool, 3rd party cookie controls in Incognito mode, Enhanced Safe Browsing, Secure DNS & more.”

Check out some of the key features which are coming to Google Chrome.

Features coming to Google Chrome

Manage Cookies on Chrome Browser

This feature will allow the users to manage cookies in the chrome browser. The users will get the option to choose the cookies which are used by the websites they visit. If you want, you can block third-party cookies in the Incognito or regular mode.

A Senior Product Manager, AbdelKarim Mardini, said in a blog post,

“We’ve reorganized the controls into two distinct sections to make it easier to find the most sensitive website permissions: access to your location, camera or microphone, and notifications. A new section also highlights the most recent permissions activity.”

Delete cookies on incognito mode

You will get controls on deleting cookies, blocking third-party cookies within each incognito mode whenever the browser window is closed in the incognito. This will improve the private browsing experience. The users will get the option to allow third-party cookies for the sites by clicking the “eye” icon, which is in the address bar.

Safe browsing and safety check in Chrome

This safety tool allows the users to know if the passwords which you have allowed Chrome to remember is included or not. If the password is included, then the tool will allow the users to fix the gaffe.

So, whenever you visit a malicious site, the safe browsing feature will alert you. It can also disable your chances of downloading the harmful extension.

Manage tab and extensions

On the toolbar, you will see a new puzzle icon for the extensions. It will allow you to control what data extensions can view on the sites which you visit. You can pin your favourite extension to the toolbar as you do earlier.

Enhanced Browsing protection and Secure DNS

This enhanced browsing feature protects the users from phishing, malware and other web-based warnings.

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