Google Chrome 77 Released!

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers has released an upgrade for Version 77. This important update has brought about some changes to the browser we love.

Google Chrome 77 Released

Google Chrome 77
Google Chrome 77

Google is laying emphasis on making Chrome as secure as possible and it keeps adding new features to ensure the same. Site Isolation is one such feature that was introduced with Chrome 67. The feature essentially brought about a major change in Chrome’s architecture, limiting each renderer process to documents from a single site. This allowed Chrome to rely on the operating system to prevent attacks between processes, and therefore, between sites. Now, this feature has finally come to Chrome on Android with the Chrome 77 update.

Chrome 77 for desktop also features several site isolation improvements that will help to protect against much stronger attacks. Site Isolation previously targeted spectrum-like attacks that could leak information from a specific renderer system. With the update, Site Isolation can now handle extreme attacks in which a security bug can completely break the renderer system.

After the update, if Chrome detects a website login contact, Site Isolation can protect future visits to that website. This means that in its own dedicated renderer process, the website will be rendered, keeping it separate from other websites. The tab will automatically switch processes when you move to a different website and cross-site iframes will be put into a whole different process. Luckily, Chrome has already crowdsourced a list of websites where mobile users most often enter passwords, ensuring you’re going to be protected from going on these pages.

Users are recommended to update their Chrome Application on their phones and Desktops for a secure experience.

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