Google Cancels Its Biggest I/O 2020 Event Due To Coronavirus!

Day by Day, the Coronavirus outbreak is becoming serious. Recently, Redmi and Realme have cancelled their launch events because of Coronavirus. And now Google has also cancelled its biggest event of the year. Google has announced about the cancellation of it. I/O 2020 developers meet. As coronavirus is spreading everywhere, the company is in fear and has called off its most significant event. The I/O event was going to start on May 12 and continue till 14th May.

Google cancels I/O 2020 amid Cornonavirus fears

Google Cancels Its Biggest I/O 2020 Event Due To Coronavirus!
Google Cancels Its Biggest I/O 2020 Event Due To Coronavirus!

The coronavirus is affecting so much on the tech industry than it was imagined. Earlier, the Mobile World Congress 2020 was cancelled, then Facebook’s F8 Conference, and now due to coronavirus another tech event which is the biggest event of the year is also cancelled.

The company confirmed the news of cancelling the I/O developer conference. This I/O conference was expected to be the biggest event of the year by Google. It was the event where most of the software and hardware were going to launch. The news about cancelling the event came after Google discarded its Cloud Next event in San Francisco. As the event is cancelled, they chose to do its first-digital event.

Google released a statement and said, “Due to concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve decided to cancel this year’s physical event at Shoreline Amphitheatre.”

This news will be a massive shock for them who have already bought tickets for the event. But don’t worry as Google has announced that all of them will get a refund of the ticket payment which they purchased to attend the event.

All the fans who bought tickets for I/O 2020 event will get a refund by March 13. If you don’t get your money, then you can email on [email protected]. And all of them who have registered this year will be granted permission of buying tickets for next years event I/O 2021.

Apart from the refund, the cancellation of the event is disappointing for everyone in the industry as it was expected that Google would announce about the changes to Android and its services. And it was also going to announce about the Pixels variant.

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