Google Assistant To Get Guest Mode For Private Searches

Google has announced some of the new privacy features like “Guest Mode” for Google Assistant. One can enable or disable the Guest Mode by voice command. When you turn on the feature, Google Assistant will not save any voice interactions.

Guest Mode Coming in Google Assistant For Private Searches

Guest Mode Coming in Google Assistant For Private Searches
Guest Mode Coming in Google Assistant For Private Searches

On Wednesday, Google has published a blog post about security. At this time, Google announced about bringing the Guest Mode for Google Assistant. According to the search giant, Guest Mode feature is designed to give you more control over your data.

Many times you don’t want your Assistant interactions to be saved on your Google account. So, in this situation, you can turn on Guest Mode. And while you turn off the Guest Mode, your interactions will be saved to your account. By using your voice, you can delete what you have said to Assistant. This feature was enabled last year by Google.

Google also said that, with Guest Mode feature, it would also introduce a redesigned critical alert system in a new way. If it identifies a severe Google Account security issue, then you will automatically be alerted in the Google app. In coming weeks, this feature will be available for limited users, but soon it will be available for everyone.

Google said the audio recordings are off for everyone by default. If you want to save your audio recording, then you can enable the Voice & Audio Activity (VAA) setting. Once the voice recording is saved, you can delete them. You can also ask Google Assistant for “How do you keep my information private?” It will give answers about privacy policies.

Similar features were rolled out to other services also by Google. Last year, Google introduced Incognito mode in Google Maps. Where turning on the incognito mode will stop Google Maps on tracking where you have travelled. And it will not save the places for which you have searched.

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