Are you tired of reading long reads on your web pages? Don’t want to scroll down and read the full story? Don’t read the long pages as Google Assistant has brought a new feature name “Read It“. This feature reads the whole web page for you. So, it has become so easy now as you just need to listen to Google Assistant. When you don’t want to look at your screen for so long and don’t feel like reading then just say “Hey Google, read this page”. As of now, the “Read It” feature is now available for all Android users.

“Read It” Feature By Google Assistant Can Read The Entire Web Pages For Android Users

Google Assistant Rolls Out "Read It" Feature, Reads Entire Web Pages For Android Users!
Google Assistant Rolls Out “Read It” Feature, Reads Entire Web Pages For Android Users!

If you don’t feel like looking at your phone’s screen for so long and don’t want to read the web page, but at the same time, it is essential to read it, then what can you do? You might read half of the page and leave it and again after some time you continue, but now you can take help of Google Assistant. As Google Assistant has brought a new feature “Read It” which reads the entire web pages for you.

The new feature “Read It” it out from March. Google says that this feature will help you to listen to the long web pages with the help of Google Assistant. It can translate the web page content to other languages. There are 42 languages out of which 11 are Indian languages. But, at present, the feature is working only with the English language. Soon, other languages will also start supporting.

In January, Google showed this feature at Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The feature works on Wifi, Internet data, and also on 2G data. The translation feature is available, which helps the users to translate the page in other languages.

Here’s how you can enable this feature on Android phones.

If you want to use this feature, then enable it on your Android device. Follow the given steps and enable the “Read It” feature:

  • First, download Google Assistant from Play Store. (If you already have it then don’t).
  • Instruct Google to read the page which you want; it will start reading.
  • As it reads the text, it will auto-scroll the page and will highlight the text.
  • You can also manage the reading speed. If you want it to read slowly, then maintain it.

Google will not edit the typos and read it as they are. It will remove buttons, links and menus, so it makes it easy for the reader to only focus on the content of the webpage.


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