Google Apoligizes For Leaking Private Data Of Google Photos Users

Top companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are infamous for data breaches and leakage of someone’s private information. Every time, this happens the company has to pay a sum or fine and has to apologize later. But now a recent report suggests that Google has shared some user’s private data and voluntarily come forward to apologize to them. Let’s take a look at the report.

Google Apologizes For Sending Private Media Of  Users  

Google Photos, the application that stores media backups of millions of users every year has had an issue that leaked private data of users. Some users have received a mail straight from Google about the technical issue that led to this leakage.

In the mail, the company stated that in the media download service of the application there was an issue ongoing between November 21, 2019, to November 25, 2019, which got fixed later. But in that process users got a request to export their data which unfortunately sent some of their private photos/videos to others.

It further says that ‘your Google Photos account was affected by this issue.’ It also states that the data you downloaded between the above date might also have photos and videos of others.

The company further apologizes by saying, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. For further assistance, contact Google support. Please ensure you are signed in to correct account when contacting support.”

Users who have faced this issue don’t need to worry as Google has fixed the issue and it should not happen again.

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