Google Launches #AndroidHelp On Twitter To Assist Android Users

Are you facing any problem on your Smartphone? If yes, then don’t worry as now all the users can get assistance by tweeting their problem with hashtag #AndroidHelp. Google has announced a new hashtag #AndroidHelp which will identify and solve your problem. This new #AndroidHelp will resolve all the issues that Android smartphone users are facing.

Facing a smartphone issue? Google releases #AndroidHelp to assist

Google Launches #AndroidHelp On Twitter To Assist
Google Launches #AndroidHelp On Twitter To Assist

From Android updates, problems, security, the user responses have started coming on Android’s post.

On Tuesday, Google released the hashtag #AndroidHelp on Twitter for all the Android users. If the user has any query, then they can Tweet the issue by using the hashtag #AndroidHelp and get assistance from Android support. The assistance is provided by Android’s official Twitter handle.

The official Android handle has announced the hashtag on Twitter. The company says the users will get assisted by tweeting their problem by using #AndroidHelp.

Android Tweeted from its official Twitter account and announced about the hashtag #AndroidHelp. “Have questions related to your #Android? We’re here to help. Now, you can get assistance by tweeting your issue using hashtag #AndroidHelp.”

Here is the Tweet About #AndroidHelp:

Apart from this tweet, Google explained in a separate Reddit post that the users could get assistance with problems like identity, general troubleshooting, authentication, security, accessibility, and other Android features. The official Android handle will give you a response.

Earlier, the Android users used to get assisted through Android’s Twitter account by sending messages to their official handle. The reason behind launching the hashtag #AndroidHelp has not been specified yet. The reason might be that it becomes easy for Google now to check out the spam messages if they have posted on a public platform.

Apart from all this, you can also ask help from the users who are facing the same problem.

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