Go SMS Pro Messaging App is Leaking Data of Users, Delete the App Immediately!

Go SMS Pro messaging app has more than 100 million users. Are you the one who is also using the Go SMS Pro app? If yes, then it’s time to delete the app from your Android device. As per the latest reports, the popular messaging app is leaking the users’ data, and the app has been removed from Google Play Store also.

Immediately Delete Go SMS Pro App From Your Android Phone

Go SMS Pro leaks data

Google has removed the app from Play Store after they got a report of security flaws in the app. The app was having a flaw of leaking messages which are shared between the users. The data like photos, private messages, transaction details, voice messages, video messages, and more data was leaked.

TechCrunch was the first to found the report of Go SMS Pro Security Breach. In August, the security researcher Trustwave discovered the flaw and asked the app-maker to fix it. Even after informing about the flaw, they had done nothing to fix the bug.

Trustwave has found that the Go SMS Pro can let anyone access photos, videos, and all other files shared by the users. Even if the users have shared the links, Go SMS Pro was following and could be predicted whoever know about generating links. Anyone can access the files which are shared by the app by just doing a few changes in the URL.

As we have informed, the flaw was informed to the developers, and they were asked to fix it in the month of August. But the developers did not make any changes, so the researchers then posted about the flaw in the public.

After reports came out, Google did not take any action and just removed the app from Google Play Store. GOMO Apps has created the app, which is a China-based company.

If you don’t know about Go SMS Pro, it is a messaging app that allowed users to shared photos, videos, and files. If the other user is not using the app, then you can send a link to them with a regular SMS, and then the user can view the file in the browser.

So, beware if you are also using a third-party messaging app. There are many users who do not use the default messaging app as they want a more powerful app or more customizable app. At this time, most of the users choose the Go SMS Pro app. But now, as there is a security flaw, it is better to delete the app if you already have installed it on your device.

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