June 9, 2023

GitHub is now completely free for Everyone

Github a well knows the company, or we also know it as a software development platform has declared that now we can use it for free. If you are a software developer, then you must be aware of Github.

GitHub is now completely free for all

Github is free now
Github is free now

Github also is known as a virtual office, or virtual home of core developers has announced that now many features will be free for everyone. Here are the features which are available for free from now.

  • All of the core GitHub features are now free for everyone
  • Unlimited private repositories.
  • Unlimited collaborators are available to all GitHub accounts.
  • 2,000 minutes per month of free access to GitHub Actions

The Company has claimed that they have more than 40 Million users and 100 Million projects available on it.

Maneesh Sharma Has Said,

“As the home for all developers, we want to make it easier for developers across academia, organisations and startup communities to code and create their best work on GitHub, and we’re now making private repositories with unlimited collaborators available to all GitHub accounts. We believe every developer should have access to GitHub, and price should not be a barrier. India also has a large and vibrant startup ecosystem and today’s announcement will make it easier for those teams to get started with their software development. This will help drive collaboration and innovation for all,”

GitHub plans
GitHub plans

Github also announced that they had reduced almost all plans prices. The paid plans which used to cost $9/Month is now available in $4/Month. If you have already subscribed to Github $9 plan then we have good news that from next month from your account only $4 will get deducted.

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