Get Disney+ Hotstar VIP Subscription Free For 1 Year

Everyone knows about Hotstar app which is now updated to Disney+ Hotstar. Nowadays, most of the customers are from Reliance Jio telecom. Regularly Reliance Jio brings offers for its customers. Now, Jio is offering free Disney+ Hotstar for one year to its customers.

Jio Subscribers Will Get 1 Year of Disney+ Hotstar VIP for Free

Get Disney+ Hotstar VIP Subscription Free For 1 Year
Get Disney+ Hotstar VIP Subscription Free For 1 Year

Indian telecom giant Jio has already become the largest telecom operator. Now, Jio operator is bringing new offer for its subscribers which gives free Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for free.

In the past also, Jio has offered Hotstar subscriptions. But this is the first time, Jio is offering Disney+ Hotstar for free. The subscription price of Hotstar is increased from Rs.399 per year. The users will be able to watch all the Disney+ Hotstar content. You can watch Disney shows and movies, live sports, Hotstar specials and much more. However, you can’t watch Disney+ originals.

On the official website of Jio, Reliance Jio has teased about the offer Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription free for one year. However, there is no clarity about the offer, whether it will be limited to the specific plans, or users or what will be the offer. There are no details provided about the offer, not even the launch date is out. On the teaser banner, it is written: “Coming Soon“. As soon as the offer comes live, we will update you with all the details.

On Hotstar VIP you can watch the latest episodes of TV shows at 6 AM in the morning daily. It also offers new movies, Disney+ content, and Hotstar exclusive. Live sports are also available on Hotstar.

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