After confusing fans with the black hole melodrama and deleting all of the tweets from Fortnite’s official twitter handle, Epic games has rolled out a huge update for Fortnite, called Fortnite Chapter 2. As per the expectations, there is a totally new map with loads of guns and skins .

Fortnite Update brings along a new map

The chapter 2 island is mountainous as compared to the previous map with more features and adventurous places like Camp Cod, Power Plant and Weeping Woods including a lighthouse.

Fortnite Is Back With A New Map & Vehicle
Fortnite Is Back With A New Map & Vehicle
Fortnite Is Back With A New Map & Vehicle
Fortnite Is Back With A New Map & Vehicle

The island is divided by small water inlets or little rivers where players can swim, fish or boat, yeah you read it right, boat is a brand new vehicle introduced in the new map.

Moreover, to advance a battle pass players can also complete challenges such as catching fish off sweaty sands pier and can also earn medal in the game by searching chests and terminating the players to boost in-game experience (XP).

The battle pass can be transferred as a gift to your friends which has more than 100 unlockable in-game items and the account levels have now increased to 250.

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Players can now heal their teammates with a bandage bazooka, carry their knocked out teammates to a safer place and also upgrade weapons at the upgrade bench using their materials. Some explodable elements such as gas tanks, barrels are also introduced, players can also hide in haystacks.

The trio mode has become a default option in the map which previously limited to Arena which is a good option for a group of three friends. The update has been rolled out and you can update the game and enjoy the Fortnite Chapter 2.



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