Fortnite Game Has Gone After A Giant Cosmic Explosion

Fortnite is one of the biggest game in the world which held online live shows and event, custom events and much more. Ever since its release, Fortnite has made a huge amount of profit and is so far one of the top grossing online game. However, fortnite players are not able to play the game since last afternoon. Fortnite has gone completely after its last online event.

Fortnite has been went down for hours

Everything that happened in the online event ended in a very dramatic manner. The meteor which was fixed to its position since the starting of the season 10, started behaving weirdly.

Fortnite Game Has Gone After A Giant Cosmic Explosion
Fortnite Game Has Gone After A Giant Cosmic Explosion

What Exactly Happened?

The meteor that was frozen over Dusty Depot ever since the season 10 began, started to move and disappeared into the large rift. The players who were in the game during the calamity were sucked by the black hole, and in the end the players could only see a black hole.

Fortnite has also deleted more than 12,000 tweets from its official twitter handle and also the activities from Epic’s public trello board which was a source to track in-game issues has also went dark.

Fortnite New Map rumours

There have been rumours all around that Fortnite will come back with an entirely new map which is not yet confirmed. On Friday, Epic game tweeted “the end is near“, and the event was was titled “this is the end.”

Ever since then, players spotted some numbers on the black screen which are, 46, 11, 15, and 62, if you search these numbers on Google map, you will end up on a street view of a crab rave.

As of now, no strong sources have confirmed anything related to the new update and the new map. Stay tuned for the upcoming news related to fortnite.


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