As India has been lockdown for 21 days due to Coronavirus, Flipkart has temporarily suspended its service in India. Flipkart has shut down all its services in India as India is Lockdown for the next 21 days. The e-commerce website and app have mentioned that it is suspending its services in India.

Flipkart temporarily suspends its services amid COVID-19 lockdown

Flipkart Temporarily Suspends Its Service In India Amid 21-Day Lockdown
Flipkart Temporarily Suspends Its Service In India Amid 21-Day Lockdown

Flipkart owned by Walmart has announced that it has temporarily suspended its services in inida. On Wednesday Flipkart announced about this. The company announced the news on its website and the app.

The message is:

“Hello fellow Indians, We’re temporarily suspending our services…These are difficult times, times like no other. Never before, have communities stayed apart to stay safe. Never before, has been at home meant helping the nation.” “We urge you to stay home to stay safe…We will get there. And we will get through. Together.”

Apart from showing this message on the website, the Flipkart also gives information about the issues given by the government in India concerning COVID-19. On the homepage of the site, there is a link to the Governments information which shows detailing circulars status of Coronavirus outbreak.

Flipkart has removed all the products from the website, and it is still offering payment services. With the payment services, the user can pay their mobile bills and other bills by using Flipkart app and website.


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