First Smartwatch For Kids By Sprint Which Can Track Location

As technology is increasing day by day, everything is getting smarter. We see so many smart gadgets are coming from different companies. There are smartwatches, wireless earphones, and so much more. Smartwatch is popular among youngsters, but now for Kids also smartwatch is available. Sprint, a popular company, has brought their first smartwatch for kids with location tracking. This new smartwatch for kids has a full GPS tracking feature.

Sprint’s First Smartwatch For Kids Comes With Location Tracking

First Smartwatch For Kids By Sprint Which Can Track Location
First Smartwatch For Kids By Sprint Which Can Track Location

Sprint is the new company which brought a smartwatch for kids with Location Tracking feature. This device is specially designed for Children’s whose age is 4 to 12. As this aged kids are not ready to use their own smartphones, the location of the child can be tracked on their parents’ smartphone app. This new smartwatch can send and receive voice and text messages to the kids’ parents.

All the parents can set up the alerts to make sure their child is in a safe zone. If the kid wearing the device leave the defined safety zone like their school, the watch will send an alert to the parent. With the help of the SOS button, parents will get the alert.

The price of the WatchMeGo is $144 and to use the tracking feature there are paid plans which you need to buy. The plan is of $10 per month, and it is available on the Sprint’s website and also at the retail stores. In the watch, there is a Kidomi app which has games and educational activities. The watch has Gorilla Glass watch face, a water-resistant case and 400mAh battery.

The rival of Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile also have this type of kid smartwatch with the same features, but they are expensive. T-Mobile’s network sells for $192, and Verizon sells for $179.

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