Like all other tech companies, even Facebook is trying to launch Dark Mode for all users. Very first we have seen dark mode in MacBooks and other laptops. But now all users want dark mode in smartphones too. There are already so many third-party apps which can help you to get dark mode ASAP. But we would not recommend you that because all the companies are looking forward to bring Dark Mode.

Facebook’s dark mode is rolling out on more Android phones 

Facebook Update: Dark Mode Is Rolling Out For More Android Phones
Facebook Update: Dark Mode Is Rolling Out For More Android Phones

Instagram and Whatsapp both have given dark modes to their users, however, Facebook is yet bringing this feature. The company has been working on dark mode for the Facebook Android app.

Finally, Facebook is allowing the user to see what it’s working on. According to the reports by Android Police, most of the people have started seeing the new dark mode theme in the Facebook App. But, still, many of them are not convinced that Facebook has brought this dark mode feature on Android and it will be soon available for everyone.

The screenshots which people have shared says that Facebook is probably working to fix a few things before it launches the feature. By seeing the screenshots we can say Facebook is not working on true black dark mode, like Instagram. The Facebook app will get a greyish dark mode which is similar to what we have seen on Twitter before the Light Out dark mode was brought.

Whatsapp has recently delivered the highly-anticipated dark theme to all the Android beta users. Even that is not a true black mode, but it reduces strain on the eye in the dark.

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Facebook will soon roll-out the feature for everyone.


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